How it works!

Attract more new patients from your marketing with these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Discovery Call & Analysis

We need to learn about your business, your goals & your current marketing strategies

Business owners want to see results. Most business owners delegate their marketing to an in-house team or an outside agency. Here’s the problem…

  • The results are not what you are hoping for
  • The marketing team does not really understand the conversion & sales process
  • The strategies are just “one size fits all” and not tailored to your business.

Step 2: We create your customized marketing plan

Based on your business goals & current situation, we will design a strategic marketing plan that you can implement.

Depending on your goals, your current capacity & how well your marketing foundation is, we could focus your customized plan on:

  • AB testing to make your website get more leads
  • Heat map analysis to understand user behavior
  • Website copy & call to actions to generate more leads
  • How to improve your paid ads to get more results

Step 3: We don’t execute the plan…

We allow your in-house marketing team or digital agency to execute the plan…but…

Depending on your needs, we can walk with you (the owner) through the execution phase to make sure it is being implemented well. We want you to see the results you are looking for.

We can help you track, measure and analyze over the short term to make sure your marketing is improving.

Get found. Get noticed. Get more patients

If you are serious about attracting more clients from your website, contact us today to schedule your free informational call

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